Our lunch bar is open every Monday thru Friday. We have a rotating choice of meats and sides, see below for our tentative lunch bar for each day. Come in and enjoy a home cooked meal!

Meat & Two Sides – $4.99

Meat & Three Sides – $5.99

Monday – Three different Meats

Tuesday – Chicken and Two Other Meats

Wednesday – Chicken Liver and Two Other Meats

Thursday – Salmon Patties and Two Other Meats

Friday – Fish & Hush puppies along with Two Other Meats


Join us on Sundays for a delicious “home-cooked” meal without the clean-up! We have a rotating choice of meats that anyone in your family is sure to love. The first set of meats is your choice of Turkey & Dressing, Meat Loaf, and Ham. The second set of meats is a choice of Roast Beef, Fried Chicken, or BBQ Ribs. Come by and enjoy a taste of the country every Sunday afternoon!

Meat & Three Sides – $7.39