Cooking with Mom

Somewhere between the youthful energy of a teenager and the golden years of a woman’s life, there lives a marvelous and loving person known as “Mother.” A mother is a curious mixture of patience, kindness, understanding, discipline, industriousness, purity, and love.

A Mother is the only creature on earth who can cry when she is happy, laugh when she’s heartbroken and work when she’s feeling ill. A Mother is as gentle as a lamb and as strong as a giant. Only a mother can appear as weak and helpless and yet be the same one who put the fruit jar cover on so tight that even dad can’t get it off.

A Mother has a fascinating ability to be almost everywhere at once and she alone can somehow squeeze an enormous amount of living into an average day. A Mother is old-fashioned and dumb to a teenager; just “Mom” to a third grader, and the smartest woman in the world to her 46 yr. old daughter.

But there is no greater thrill in life, than to point to that wonderful woman and say, “That’s my Mother.” We invite you to come share a delicious meal with us and meet my mother and enjoy her home cooking like I have my whole life.

About The Landing “Gribble’s”

Bright’s Store, which I had operated for five years, burned October 19, 1995. An upset community, friends, family, and I stood and watched a local landmark and livelihood go to the ground. The walls held some 60 years of memories for some people. After much thought, our decision to go back in the store and restaurant business became a reality in August 1996. We found a wonderful contractor, Lynn Hickey, who built it and is now a family friend. This location was originally known as “Gribble’s Landing”, but is now known as “The Landing”.

With a larger operation, we required more help. So, we have been blessed with a staff who all pull together to allow us to feed all the people who come through The Landing to eat everyday.

2006 was a great year for me! Not only did I become “MiMi” to my grandson Ransom, the cutest kid around, I also married James Savage, the local lumberman. My family is growing: the more, the merrier.

And then, of course, there is my mother, Estelle Swindell, who has always stood beside me. On days when I thought I couldn’t go any further, I knew I had to, but for no other reason, than to make her proud of me.

Wanda Savage