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    Meat, 2 sides, + Bread


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    Seafood Buffet

    Every three months!
    Next Buffet Nov 9th

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Home Cooked lunch.
Just like moms!

Southern cuisine is characterized by savory flavors, slow-cooking, and elevating ingredients for incredible results. We invite you to join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to indulge in the delicious flavors of the south here at The Landing!

About The Landing!

Bright’s Store was built in 1939, and is located on Highway 70 South, between Sparta and McMinnville, Tennessee. The store was owned and operated by the Bright family until May 1990. Katherine Bright had run the store by herself after losing her husband in 1965, to an extended illness.

I was raised nearby, and as a child, my father always brought me here. In October 1990, I made the decision to try my luck at the store business. I opened with the same old wood floors and original counters.

My mother, Estelle Swindell had a bout with cancer in January of 1992, at which time, her doctor’s advice was to keep her busy. So, what does my mother do best? Cook!

In March of 1992, we began serving plate lunches. I explained to mom how much I needed her help. She has never let me down. She is here every weekday morning, whipping up her meal for the day. We are here serving local people, nursery men, loggers, state employees, and laborers. If you are ever on Highway 70 South at lunch time, stop and try Mom’s Caramel Pie!

Wanda Savage